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Chlorine Free Pool Systems is the sister company to Dreamscaping, Inc. Chlorine Free Pool Systems is the only chemical free product available today to treat pool and spa water. These products are 100% safe and effective and the only way to remove and keep away biofilm- the floating surface bacteria that clings to the walls, plumbing and filtration equipment. Our products are made of organic protein formulations that rid your water of biofilm without the use of toxic chemicals.

For Target Zero or Pool Purge to work properly, a pool/spa will need to have the proper water circulation, filtration and UV equipment. Our experts are here to help determine your needs and recommend the right products. Please fill out our new customer pool survey so that we can get you into the best water available on the planet today.

Value our Expertise

Target Zero

Target Zero is for newer pools and is used to keep Biofilm from reattaching to your pool. The UV Light is a critical sanitation component and is used as a backup sanitizer. The pump and filter must be properly sized and set to run for the proper amount of time.

UV Sanitation

Ultra-violet sanitation is a disinfecting system which uses short wavelength UV light to kill & deactivate bacteria (bio-film). The UV Light is a supplement to our chlorine free pool system & is required to run a chlorine-free pool. 

Pool Purge

Pool Purge is designed to remove Biofilm on older pools. The time needed for complete cleanup can vary based on the age of the pool, filtration rate and pool surface.

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