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2024 Swimming Season Is On!

Splash into your future paradise!

Schedule a design today & plan for endless summer memories! 



Our Story Starts Here

Dive in to meet our team! Dreamscaping Inc. is a family-owned & operated company that strives to produce high-end, commercial & residential projects. We are grateful for the projects we have produced and look forward to exceeding the expectations of our current and future clients.


 Swimmming Pools

Our focus is to create the most maintenance-free pool builds using highly developed and advanced pool equipment, sanitation methods, and construction materials. Leaving our clients with a project that will stand the test of time and serve as an elegant place for family and friends to get together.


Swim Spas, Plunge Pools & Hot Tubs

Exercise or relax. Warm up or cool down. Prepare for your day or wind down when its over. Swim spas, hot tubs, and plunge pools are great physical and mental ways to exercise your mind & body.


Custom Amenities

Walls, Patios & Hardscapes


Outdoor kitchens

Fire & Water Features

Every project is completely unique and no project has ever been replicated. Custom amenities offer a great addition for you to enjoy your custom oasis in your own particular way.

Build Your Private Oasis

Plan your personalized design experience

Fill out our project inquiry form and schedule a telephone consultation. This is a time to discuss and visualize the scope of your project before diving into our first onsite design consultation. 

"I've had pools for close to 30 years and used chlorine, bromine and copper-silver elements, and this product is the best that I've used. I was cynical but thought that I'd give it a try for the 2018 season. I'm not a pool tech and don't want to mess with pool chemistry, so I've made many trips to pool stores for testing and advice and would virtually always walk away with different chemicals that over the course of the season added up, plus the bucket of bromine for the season. Hundreds of dollars. With this system, maybe I should have, but I rarely tested the water, including pH (but I do have a solid auto cover that I always keep closed when not in use or when sitting by it), and no one in the family ever experienced itchy skin or bromine smell, and we had beautifully clear water. (One "trick" I did learn towards the end of the season is using 18 ounces instead of 12 ounces of liquid chlorine once a week or so in my 11,000 gallon pool because with 12 ounces I had an ever-so-slight green cast. That did the trick for clear water, which I am a stickler for.) So no more trips to the store, and the only cost is the initial cost of the unit plus the little bottles of product to add every two weeks. No bromine for my granddaughter and grandson is a good thing."

-Chuck Cady

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