Sunbelt Spas Backyard Oasis Solutions

Every spa Sunbelt Spas manufactures can be made as an in-ground spa for custom installation for your individual needs.


In-ground spa installation benefits are stability and a wider variety of landscape design options than may be offered by a portable spa placement. Our poolside Spillover and Kidney shaped spas are specifically designed for in-ground use. With these spas, you choose the options and features for your specific backyard installation and personal taste.

In-ground Specialty Spas include:

  • Spillover Round

  • Spillover Square

  • Kidney Shaped

Or choose from over 45 models that you can personalize for your backyard oasis. Sunbelt Spas offers so many shapes, sizes, and colors that your backyard can be as unique as you are. Ask your Sunbelt Spas dealer today to help you design your backyard oasis with a Sunbelt in-ground spa.