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Fiberglass Pools

We have traveled the nation to find the superior manufacturers of fiberglass pools. When we combine our manufacturers with our modern-day building techniques and our unrelentless pursuit of attention to detail and master craftsmanship, you receive one of the world’s finest fiberglass poolscapes on the planet!


Dreamscaping is a River Fiberglass Pools Dealer! Learn more at www.Riverpoolsandspas.com and view your fiberglass pool model options here!

River Pools and Spas

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Vinyl Liner Pools

In the event that you are looking for a pool design that is larger than our fiberglass models, we can install an insulated or steel wall vinyl liner pool. Have you been to the neighbor's pool with the plastic steps? Well, I know I don’t care for them either. We can create any shape, size or depth along with using a steel step with insulation over it covered with a vinyl liner. 


Having an inground swimming pool is like having waterfront property. With a backyard pool, you create a place for family and friends to gather and relax. It’s a place to entertain and make memories. It becomes your personal fitness center. It’s a vacation destination every day. It’s a welcome escape from the craziness of life. It’s your Home Resort.

Insulated and Energy Efficient

Insulation Makes All The Difference

Radiant Pools R-10 insulated walls resist heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Heat gained from the sun is retained, maintaining water temperature even overnight, when other types of pools lose up to 10º F. The Radiant insulated wall panels keep the water warmer longer – extending the swimming season by up to 2 months!

Superior Energy Efficiency Saves Money

If you use a gas or heat pump pool heater, your water temperature setting directly affects your heating costs. Pool water temps typically range from 78º F to 82º F. Most people prefer water to beat least 80º F But with the superior heat retention properties of a structurally insulated Radiant Pool, the sun is your primary pool-heating source!


With an insulated Radiant Pool, the cost of maintaining your water temperature is reduced as the need to run your energy consuming heater is reduced. This will save you up to 30% on your annual swimming pool heating costs. For example, a Radiant Pool owner in Boston, MA, using a gas heater, will save over $400 per year. With these energy savings, over time, a Radiant Pool will pay for itself!


Learn more at radiantpools.com.

Radiant Pools
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